Resting day.

It’s so beautiful this afternoon. Today was a day for my additional MRI tests. Even though I medicated last night and during the night with steroids and Benadryl I had a reaction to the contrast dye just like last week. I had to get IV Benadryl before I could leave the hospital. Not truly unexpected on my part. We arrived home about 1230 and I proceeded to go to sleep with him at say 15 minutes or maybe 30 minutes. And I didn’t wake up until 5 o’clock. For me the IV Benadryl is kind of like being in a coma . I know my ever watchful angel Brett was here all afternoon with me and my big girl Layla lay right beside me while I slept on the couch. I’m awake now but I’m in a fog and I hate that feeling . It’s the kind of fog that makes arms and legs feel like they’re moving through quicksand and to me it’s very uncomfortable because I’m used to moving around at a zippy pace before I got sick. There are so many things that I’d like to be doing like cutting back the crêpe Myrtle’s or snipping the tendrils off the wisteria or even folding a load of laundry at this point looks good. But it’s really hard just to move enough to do those things it seems monumental. I did get up and make tuna fish salad for dinner so Brett would eat . So very simple empty three cans of tuna in a Tupperware container , peel the already hard-boiled eggs, cut up onion in small diced pieces, add a little bit of garlic and dice up some pickles , and add mayonnaise. Stir. Add some pepper to taste because I’m a Pepper fanatic . But all the while I felt like it took me an hour to make the tuna fish salad . I’m sending for a few minutes outside at the patio table.Enjoying the afternoon sun and I would love to be in the swimming pool. Right now I feel like it would take someone to strip off my clothes and apply my swimming suit. Ughh. I don’t think I’m depressed I feel pretty good mentally. I’m not worried about much but this morning I was nervous as a cat before this MRI test for some reason . I’ve said my prayers and I know it’s all in gods hands and he’ll tell me what to do’s been doing that ever since I got sick. I miss playing golf! I miss walking the dogs! I miss my husband! He’s here but I’m asleep some days it seems like 18 hours a day . I would love to be restored near full health . I continue to ask for divine intervention and direction on how to approach this condition. I just found out a childhood friend Anita was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma . So I’m praying for her and praying for other people that I know that having suffering going on and others that I don’t know they’re suffering . I’m praying for people I don’t know like the congressmen that were shot in the DC security agents that were shot yesterday. I’m laying inside the MRI up to this morning and had a nice long time of prayer with my Lord. It calms me down to pray while I lay inside the tube and helps me to relax while the tests are being done. I know I’ll spend some of the evening and probably all night sleeping off the Benadryl hangover and I’m hoping that I wake up tomorrow feeling good . Been quite a while since I’ve had a good day .  I thank God for the good things in my life of which I still have a full cup.

Peace and blessings.


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