Sleeping and sleeping..

The past two weeks have been very, very different. Before I had nights that I couldn’t sleep at all. This was because my blood pressure kept going up extremely high and my heart rate going up like a jackhammer. Since then my labwork came back abnormal again which is no surprise. I saw the doctor a little over a week ago and he said that we have to get more aggressive looking for the secreting tumor that’s causing all the symptoms. Yay I can’t believe somebody finally said the words “get aggressive”. After all it’s only been going on for six months And I have finally gotten to where I couldn’t walk up steps couldn’t walk for more than about hundred yards straight and have lost my ability to play golf or even swing a golf club or play with the dogs. All of this since Christmas and at that time I was going to the YMCA with Kathleen three nights a week at least and walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes or more without any problem and sneaking off to work on my golf swing any time that I had more than five minutes! A lot has gone wrong over the last five months. I got a call from the doctors office last Wednesday. Alex told me that my lab work was all “very abnormal”. I’ve been so sick that I didn’t even ask what tests and how abnormal…which is totally out of character for me. He said Dr. Latif wanted to get MRI scans as soon as possible of my full spine, chest, abdomen and pelvis. He also doubled one of the medicines I was on which had just been doubled the week before. And he started me on an 8th medication another beta blocker . I had two MRI scans yesterday morning . Lucky me I had an allergic reaction to the dye and they had to give me Benadryl 50 mg IV to shut it down . I have made up on my sleep since then Benadryl knocks me out, but with IV Benadryl I pretty much could have surgery done and never know it. I have slept for 18 hours straight with one bathroom break. The new medicines have knocked my blood pressure and heart rate too low.  I’m going to stop the new beta blocker. My arms and legs feel like noodles and when I get up all I can hear is that buzzing in my ears. You know the buzzing…the kind you get right before you pass out. I’ve been drinking water like crazy to keep blood volume up. This sucks. I have two more MRIs next Thursday. I will lose a full day then too because I have to pre medicate with steroid and Benadryl this time. I’ll keep you posted….too tired now. Still praying they find the little sucker so they can take it out. Peace and blessings. 


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