Gentleness, Kindness and Truth..

It’s Tuesday. I’m thinking today about the terror attack in Manchester, England. Sadness fills my heart for those people who lost family members just due to Evil. I have a love for all people. I have been a RN for 36 years now. Today I am thinking about Islamic radicalism. I’m not thinking about Muslims versus Christians or Jewish versus Christians. I’m thinking about radical Islamists. What do you mean by radical Islamists? I am discussing those that are based out of the third century and feel like their God calls them to slaughter innocents and infidels. ISIS takes credit for last nights bombing. There’s no way to combat evil in less you recognize that it is out there and it is preying on people. My prayers go out to all those families I can’t even imagine losing a child after they’ve gone to a concert to have fun. To be clear I can’t even imagine losing a child under any circumstances. We must, across the world, standup and call this for what it is and recognize that they consider all of us infidels to be slaughtered if we’re not following sharia law. Unfortunately I don’t see any way out of this except through armed and intentional annihilation of the enemy. This is not the first time we have faced this in the United States. Thomas Jefferson had to face the Barbary Coast pirates who were Islamic terrorists. I try not to blow my political thoughts out there but last night particularly tweaked my thoughts.

I’m sitting here in my hometown working and all I can think about is I’m surrounded by my husband and my dogs and my children, my parents and all of those friends that I love and have not personally been touched by terrorism since 9/11/01. Today I don’t feel quite as safe because I have grandchildren out there in the world at different places . I am thankful that before I left for work this morning I saw all of my four-legged loved ones around me running around acting happy on an early summer day in the sun. Annabelle had her balls in her mouth running around throwing them everywhere and Layla was hopping around giving me kisses before I left for work. All the others were running around in the backyard playing. I pray for peace across the world and it’s something I pray for all throughout the day . I pray for peace for you and yours and I hope you aren’t touched by this great evil.

Blessings to all..


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