Alright! I’m awake okay?

 I’m not a morning person anyway . I got to sleep last night around 1030 which is pretty early for me and then was back up again at 1:15 because my heart was pounding in my head . I just woke up at 5:15 and my blood pressure is 180/110 And my heart rate 115. Soooo all I can say is alright I’m up already! Pardon my description but it feels like somebody has shoved a Live Wire inside me.  I was gonna say up my … But that may have been too much so I’ll just leave that part off.  These “flares”, for lack of a better word, cause me to shake all over, instant anxiety and just be  immediately alert with a large headache. I jumped up like shot out of a cannon and grabbed my literal handful of blood pressure and heart medicines. Good grief. So I’ve turned to my blog because the rest of the house is still asleep. I can hear the birds outside chirping for glory. Most people enjoy morning sounds.. Me not so much. I’m an official morning sour puss. I’m dedicated to it, have been all my life. LOL. I can barely grunt to say anything in the early AM and I’m not one for small talk. I get to work about 8:00 but my people light doesn’t come on till 9:00. I’ve tried over the years to get up earlier and force that nice Sheri to come out early but she told me to ______myself and shut up! LOL  I would blame it on too many years of night shifts but it’s been that way much longer than that. It’s all starting to calm down now, so we’ll see what the day brings. Everything was elevated all day yesterday and I spent all day treating myself with the as needed medicines. By the end of the day I was exhausted. I called my doc because my next appt isn’t for five weeks and it seems to be getting worse daily. Hopefully, they’ll call me today. 

I hope everyone has good day. Peace, love and blessings..


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