Notes of a successful, normal day.

I have had another mostly successful day at work got about an hour to go . I didn’t get here on time this morning because I was having difficulty waking up after being up all night long or at least most of the night. The thing about this hyper infusion of catecholamines, epinephrine, and norepinephrine being shot into your system is that at night is when all that production goes on. And, as is normal the highest time of release of all these wonderful substances is early-morning which we’re all thankful for because it helps us wake up and not take a permanent nap! LOL I got in a five minute walk today. It was so nice outside that I thought I would walk around our compound for lack of a better word. I walk and then I went back inside because I could tell it had accelerated everything and my blood pressure was 150/110. before January 20, 2017 I could take 30 to 40 minutes on the treadmill fast with no problem at all. So I have really declined in my ability to do what I like best which is exercise and move around at will . I got home and made both tuna fish salad and chicken salad those are a staple around this house. Tried to do some laundry and got it out of the dryer. But that was as far as I got this evening. After I ate dinner I sat down in the recliner for a few minutes and leaned it back and the last thing I remember is leaning the recliner back!  I woke up with a bolt at 11:30 on the dot . It’s amazing how they injection in your body of the epinephrine just shoot uWink and you’re totally clear . Everything is crystal clear, your hearing is acute, your vision is sharp and your thoughts are just flying! Knowing I’ll be up for a while I decided to let the dogs outside . They were all sleepy but we usually let them out right before we go to bed, and I could tell they hadn’t been let out when Brett went upstairs to go to sleep. That was around 1230 and a few minutes ago around 0130 I heard a bark outside.  We have seven dogs and normally do we need a headcount no matter when we’re letting them in and out. For dog lovers you’ll understand that and for non-dog lover you’ll think that’s just crazy. This is one time I forgot to do a headcount. After hearing the bark I could tell I’d left someone outside …Of course it was Wooby the quietest one among the group.He never makes much noise at all. We call him Wooby because when he was a baby he always had to have a toy or blanket beside him and he dragged them all around the house those were his “woobies”. His name is Scotty and he’s a Jack rat terrier. We also gave him the name Wooby because when he moves he wiggles from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail back-and-forth back-and-forth back-and-forth…LOL. He constantly keeps on toying his mouth and we make jokes about the fact that he does. We say that he keeps the toy in his mouth to keep himself from screaming with excitement! I guess he was right beside the back door even though the lights were out and something must’ve scared him because I just heard one yip after being out there for an hour. Being a dog mom I immediately recognized the Tannibark and knew in my pit of my stomach I had left someone outside alone in the dark and scared. Yes I said I left “someone” just like it’s a person because he’s one of my babies. When I let him in he was wiggling frantically and had a toy stuffed in his mouth that he found outside. I guess he been holding on to it ever since he got shut out the back door. Boy, don’t I feel terrible right now! It took me about 10 minutes of petting and 10 minutes of him running around which woke everybody else up downstairs before he could calm himself down and get up in Brett’s chair …with a blanket. Okay, okay, yes I went and got his favorite blanket. I know it’s kind of pathetic . LOL The next thing I did was the headcount . Now everybody settled back down but I’m still awake and my heartbeat is thumping in my head but I’m watching my current favorite movie which is – 13 Hours the Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. I read the book too that was written before the movie was made back in 2013 . It’s an amazing story of the Americans that tried to save the ambassador Chris Stevens when Benghazi was overrun . Stories especially true ones like that help me to get myself mentally right. It lets me know as a reminder that you can do anything that you need to get through . From what I’m told and what I remember of my childhood, youth and adulthood I came here ferocious and I’ve stayed that way over the years when faced with adversity. I’ve had my share like everybody else. Some would say I’ve had more than my share but I don’t see it that way. I don’t tend to be the kind that looks backward with any regrets. I truly believe that every day stacked on top of the day before has brought me to where I am right now and taught me things that I didn’t know. I’ve got softer edges after 56 years.  The water over the rocks had smoothed me into a little bit cozier maybe a little fuzzier person, which is a good thing. I kind of laugh when I think back into my teens, 20s and 30s at the ever loving Spitfire that I was, with the short fuse and most of the time my hair was on fire. LOL! Somewhere along the way from about 37 through my 40s I just fizzled out as far as the daily Intensity. Some of that was because of working in the emergency room during all those years but most of it was organic, hard wired. I’d have to say the last decade has been pretty mellow on a day-to-day basis for me and my friends will laugh. Because I know that mellow for me is not what most people would describe. I worked hard and played hard ! And that’s still the way I prefer it today. I’ve always loved people and dogs . I still have the occasional quick fire temper but I’m a short burn because eases up so much energy all at one time. I never learned to hold a grudge. Sometimes I’ve even been envious of people who can hold a grudge because I just can’t do it . Having a short memory and being long on forgiveness has sometimes served me very well and at other times it’s made me put my hand on the stove multiple times in a row when it comes to people who might or might not have your best interest at heart. I try my best to meet people where they are. I think I learned that from my parents and I know I learned a lot of it in the emergency room being a nurse for the last 36 years. A lot of people can’t help where they are, even if they are extremely difficult most have a reason for being that way. And no I’m not bleeding heart there are responsibilities that go with bad choices. I just always thought that me acting out toward a difficult person doesn’t help the situation and adds to their burden and makes me carry away bad thoughts and feelings. LOL, I’m definitely no saint and my friends and family can attest to the fact that when I get on a tirade about something my mouth has a tendency to lay it all straight out on the line as clear as glass for everybody else to see. I’m coming to grips now with the fact that this health problem that’s going on isn’t going away anytime soon and there are things I’m gonna have to do in the future test and test and probably more tests to have done. But I can’t control that and I’m just gonna take it a step at a time. Thank God I tend not to borrow trouble. He has blessed me in such a large measure and as they say to whom much has been given much will be expected. I’m just thankful to be surrounded by love on all sides!I’m gonna turn my movie back on but I just thought I would spout off a few words about my day. I hope everybody has a good day tomorrow, strike that, I hope everybody has a great day tomorrow! Peace, love and blessings from Sheri…


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