Mr.Rogers throw back!

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood! If you’re old enough to remember Mr. Rogers on PBS singing that song it’ll be funny to you Boeser younger probably won’t remember it so it means absolutely nothing ! I’m at work today which is a joyous day after being sick all week last week. I left this morning at my regular time with all my babies watching as I went out the door . They are confused because right now I’m home sick and about as much as I am at work and they all love their routine . However I think they love it better when Momma is home with them to let them in and out of the back door about 100 times during the day , LOL. It is gorgeous here today in West Tennessee. It’s about 65° outside closer to 70 I’m sure by this afternoon. The sun is shining brightly and the trees are all green, flowers are all blooming and if you’re an allergy sufferer the Cottonwood is blowing in the wind. So get out your Benadryl! I don’t feel as bad today my blood pressure is marginally high but my heart rate is in the normal range which makes me feel like doing things. I am thankful for that. I have a workmate that left me a small baggie this morning with a mustard seed inside and on the outside it said “if you have faith this size”. It was the boat that I needed to remember to pray more and believe even more. I know that God is covering me because whatever this is could’ve already caused me a heart attack or a stroke. So far so good! A good lesson in one step and sometimes one minute at a time. Peace and Love…blessings.


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