The kids..or some of them, lol!

It’s a messy Sunday here..Annabelle is in clown mode with her ball, which is typical. We haven’t had the Opportunity to do the full out game of flying catch today. The backyard is just too soft and wet. She hates water, lol! Except when she’s chasing Wooby, then no amount of flying mud and debris is too much! He’s much smaller but being a Jack-Rat terrier he’s got lightening speed and uses small escape and evade tactics on her all the time. He’s her favorite playmate in the house. We call JoJo”cat-dog” because he’s like a feline at times. Walking on top of chairs, tippy toeing through the yard and there’s nothing he liked better than a good ole dusty patch in the yard to spin around in and send up dust plumes to bite at. He and Wooby are brothers. All these kids are rescues. My hubby and I ran a dog rescue for five years with the help of a few others and we successfully saved over 500 dogs today we adopted into forever homes. Amazing! And amazingly hard work! If you ever get the chance to be a foster family take advantage of it, even if only once. There is no greater heartwarming gratification than seeing a dog go from needing rescue into the loving arms of their new parents! 

We have seven dogs now and each one has their own story.Our first tworescues came from a high kill shelter nearby.Their names are Buddy and Chase.But he was three months old he seems to be a mix of border colliewith a dab of Labrador retriever and some type of houndhe was severely abused and as we saw had been hungon the catchpole by the people at the shelter at least twice when I witnessed it.He didn’t get the socialization that’s needed between their eight and 13th weeks with people every experience he had must’ve been bad.He’s almost 6 years old and has come so far we brought him homethe same day we brought home Chase. Chase was four months old maybe five and he’s a yellow lab golden retriever mix.They both were so frightened at the shelter they were going to be put down because they wouldn’t eat food and chase just sat in the back of the corner of the shelter and buddy sat in the back of the corner of the shelter but he did have some teeth with him!Fear was All they knew at that time and people were not their friends. We have to start them off and channels in our garage and it took me several days of sittingabout 10 feet away from themto get them to even make eye contact with me Chase came around a lot quicker than buddy Theon.I took a little bit of meat lunch meat and would throw it to them and eventually they let me pet them and eventually came out of their cages but it took a period of weeks before I could get them in the house without them having to be picked up and brought in. They weren’t ready for mixing with the other dogs it was too scary for themuntil they had been here a few weeks.Now that I’ve grown into a fine man and are wonderful companions.Chase is as laid-back as any lab on the face of the earth and Buddy still needs his room from time to time, but we’ve seen him blossom over the last six years. It’s amazing that they can still learn every day and make great examples for people if we would just take time to notice and follow the example. There was a time when you couldn’t walk behind Buddy or have anything in your hands, especially a mop or broom. He used to spend most of his time in their bedroom. Now in the last year he’s decided he wants to be inside the family pack and spends most of his days and evenings in the family room. It’s a big deal for him and us. He’s even come to the point where he likes to have his head nuzzled with mine but only for a few seconds. He’ll allow me to give him kisses on top of the head when I come home in the afternoon from work. He loves to be brushed now and we often find him running to the front gate when someone comes in just for a few seconds to see who it is and then he scoots back to the family room. Lately he’s learned to relax on the dog bed on the floor underneath the TV which is a giant accomplishment for him! That place doesn’t allow him a fast escape route which is normally top on his list. He’s at his most free when he’s running in the yard chasing squirrels or Annabelle. That’s when he looks the most normal of all. hands rehab has been a work of love for him and it’s taught us a lot about patience and slow moving trains. the spirit of the dog is indomitable just like people and given enough time and love and understanding they can accomplish almost anything. His progress and is a constant reminder to me of just how slowly life moments us overtime and it reminds me that you have to wait for things. Waiting is not the human condition unfortunately and certainly not my normal condition.  But when I reflect on him it helps me to understand that nothing happens instantaneously. Peace and Love.


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