Mom’s turn to talk..

Hi all, 

You’ve heard from my favorite girl Layla. Such a wonderful devoted spirit! This coming week I’m having am MIBG scan. Specific for Neuro endocrine tumors, especially specific for Pheochromocytoma. Pheos as they are called can cause all the symptoms I’m having. Extremely high blood pressure, extremely high heart rate, new onset atrial fibrillation, exhaustion, my blood pressure spikes just taking a bath! Not to mention weight gain, constant headache, swelling all over….diarrhea, anxiety, memory confusion….did I say anxiety?? Moving makes my heart hammer, sleeping is almost impossible. When I do I wake up to my heart running like a Jack hammer. For blood pressure medicines, one heart medicine and a blood thinner all since January! I’m keeping a positive outlook but I’m really tired. To make it worse no energy for my grandbabies or four legged babies. No energy for golf!!! I’m praying daily they’ll find something they can fix. If it’s a Pheo they can usually remove it and all can return to normal. Now you’re up to date! Ruff ruff!


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