My Body’s Acting Weird

Gosh I love today! Just enough breeze to keep it cool and so many sights and sounds in the back yard.  Lying in the grass is so soft and tickles my fairly round belly.  Yes, like Mom I could stand to slim down some. Dad worked all summer putting out those speckled things all over the grass and I overheard him say they make the grass grow, which is a wonder itself. We have a tractor that spits out water and moves all over the yard getting the places where the speckles flew wet. Dad runs the tiny tractor every evening. The other day I heard him say “the grass looks great now”! All I know is to my pack it’s nice and thick with lots of smells.

For the past month it’s been very hard to have the energy to run around for any length of time. I’ve been weak and can’t stop panting. Usually I pant like all dogs to cool off. Some days I can’t lie down at all and have to sit straight up panting fast. I stay really close to Mom and Dad. I know they’re worried so I try to act like I’m okay. Whenever she talks to me I give her my best smile.  She’s a RN, a nurse that takes care of humans but i can tell she’s learning dog doctor stuff when she reads articles about it to Dad. So far I’ve been to 3 dog doctors. They aren’t sure what’s wrong and neither am I. I still have my joy because I’m with my people and my brothers and sisters!



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