Sniff and Find Your JOY!

It’s one of those days in the Mid South that causes ambivalence in people. They can’t tell if they should enjoy the  cooler weather and rain or pine for the loss of the hot temps and dust. It’s raining just enough to make the decision about umbrella use a mind boggling question. I’m lucky I have an amazing two layer rain coat. So, I can find joy in the rain. I can ALWAYS find joy…

Oh yeah, I should explain here that I’m a Canis Lupus Familiaris a.k.a. the loving “family dog”. There is a constellation in the southern hemisphere close to Orion, containing Sirius, the brightest star in the sky! It’s also called: The Great Dog! Now there’s a source of joy.

My name is Layla Grace, a female black Labrador Retriever and German Shepherd mix. (At least that’s what is on my folder at the doctor) My birthday is March 23rd 2008, yes… I’m easing up on nine years old. My mom calls me sweet girl and La La. The only time she uses my full name is… You guessed it, when I’m not listening or doing what she’s asked. My dad’s name is Brett. He’s solid as a rock but has a heart that is as large as an open field and gentle as a soft newborn puppy. I love him very much he is my number two human. He is JOY.

I am a big believer that God gives us dogs just one assigned job for our time on earth. We are supposed to find our human and love them with all our heart forever. That sounds pretty easy and it was for me. Some dogs wait their whole life and some sadly never find their human, but I knew mine the first time she held me! Sheri…Sheri ….I thought that name might be something I could learn to say one day but I know her as Mom. All dogs know when they get to heaven we’ll be granted our eternal wish..A Voice. Sheri is my number one person. SHE IS JOY.

I can always find joy! Please look for JOY in your life. I see a golden flutter like sparkles before my eyes when joy comes by and I trot to follow and sniff, look  and taste it. Joy surrounds me at different times every day there is abounding joy to be found. I wish humans could see the golden flutters so they wouldn’t miss it as it flows by. 

Mom says it’s time to eat and hey, I’m a Lab so that’s my BEST joy of the day!




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